Central Kansas Podiatry Associates provides complete and customized care for patients of all ages. Dealing with a diabetic wound, ingrown toenail, callus, or other foot-related problems? We provide knowledgeable and experienced patient-focused care that includes the latest advanced treatment options.

Foot and Ankle PainFoot and Ankle Pain

When foot or ankle pain prevents your daily life from going smoothly, Central Kansas Podiatry Associates can help you find treatment options that get you back on your feet. Whether you’re struggling with a painful bunion, plantar fasciitis, or hammer toe, our experienced Wichita podiatrist can recommend the best care for your specific situation.


Injuries and Wound CareInjuries and Wound Care

At Central Kansas Podiatry Associates, we provide comprehensive treatments for injuries to the feet and ankles, including diabetic wound care services. Don’t wait to seek the care your feet need. Visit our Wichita podiatry office to get the care you need to get back to leading an active lifestyle.

Nail and Skin CareNail and Skin Care

When nail and skin issues leave you feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable, Central Kansas Podiatry Associates is here to help you find effective treatment options. Whether you're dealing with stubborn fungal infections, painful ingrown toenails, or other skin issues like corns, calluses, or athlete's foot, our experienced Wichita podiatrist provides the specialized care your feet need.

Services and ProductsServices and Products

To better serve our patients, we offer a wide range of podiatry services and products. From diagnostic testing to bracing options for heel and ankle pain, our goal is to provide the support you need to treat your condition and get back to leading an active lifestyle.